About Steps


Steps Dance Studio is one of the most innovative and creative dance studios in the country. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained dance instructors, Steps offers a variety of dance courses for different age groups and different levels of ability. Its ballet program follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus.

Founded in 1994 by Sofia Zobel Elizalde, who also serves as Steps’ managing director, Steps Dance Studio is among the Philippines’ most comprehensive dance schools. It is designed to create an ideal learning environment and aims to be the best and most versatile dance establishment in the Philippines.

Steps Dance Studio is a professional and progressive dance school that offers a wide variety of dance classes for all levels and ages. Its faculty is made up of dedicated and passionate teachers whose goal is to cultivate individuality and talent, joy of dance, and good work ethic in its students. Steps is a school that promotes the enjoyment of dance and can also prepare young talented artists to become professional dancers.


  • To bring new levels of excellence in dance training
  • To create an environment and venue that is conducive for quality dance training
  • To develop a new generation of artists that are versatile in dance
  • To be a school that can prepare and train young students for professional dance careers
  • To promote the joy of dance

We invite you to DANCE with us!


4 thoughts on “About Steps

  1. Raschella Santos says:

    Hi! My daughter just turned 20 months and I am thinking of enrolling her in a class for her age when she turns 2. Do you have any ballet class for her age group? How much and what is the schedule?
    Thank you


  2. jennifervee says:

    Hi i am 21 yrs old and want to start dancing i would love to do contemporary and lyrical is it too late for me to start dance/ballet?? How can i join your studio?


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