Boys of Summer: JP, Ivan & Vince!


We’re back with more of Students of Summer — this time, with some thoughts from our boys. Here’s what JP, Ivan and Vince have to say about their summer workshop experience at STEPS!



Biggest lesson learned:  As dancers & artists, our body is our greatest instrument, thus, we should take an extra mile of taking care of ourselves not just physically but also mentally, emotionally & spiritually

Favorite workshop moment: During one of the rehearsals when T. James called me up & assigned me a “solo” for the ‘Hang In Long Enough’ number, I thought I misheard my name at first.

Ivan's Photo


Summer is perfect for new beginnings. When it comes to learning new things, whether if you’re with small kids or magnificent technical dancers of your age, you have to be kind to yourself. The heart of the matter is the will to learn and efforts to take a leap of faith. People in STEPS know how to teach with kindness, put enough pressure for a dancer to improve, and take care of them if they need to. With nurturing teachers and friendly peers in my classes, I learned to move with both joy and purpose– A perfect balancing act for a progressing dancer towards the finish line.

A coal being refined into diamond
A masterpiece under construction
Take every stroke, endure the blows
You’ll come out strong
Go let it show!

Favorite workshop moment:  It is always a joy to witness and be part of an act getting pieced together. Piecing acts and run thru rehearsals are my favorite. That moment of embodying different characters and dancing with both young and old dancers alike give me the first taste of the idea that we’re about to do something bigger than the four corners of the studio. For a dance school that promotes a wide range of dance classes and gives opportunities to both young and old, the overall thought of its production is always exciting to see.



Biggest lesson learned: The biggest lesson I learned in the Steps Summer Dance Workshop was dedication in terms of being passionate and serious about my dancing. Discipline, setting a good role model and having the initiative to do small things and lastly respect, not just to the staff and teachers but also to my co-dancers and to myself.

Favorite workshop moment: My favorite moment in the Summer Dance Workshop was when I met new people because this was the moment where I had the chance to bond not just with my old friends but also with my new found friends.



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