Students of Summer: Tiffany Roque & Maja Concio

With our Summer Workshop & Concert officially over, we look back with some of our students on their favorite moments and lessons learned from this year’s summer activities. Share your own summer lessons or favorite moments with STEPS in the comments! We’ll be posting more in the days to come!

Tiffany Roque


The biggest thing I learnt in Steps is to be mentally strong even though you’re tired. Steps taught me to stay motivated and hard working throughout the dances, to never give up and lastly to believe in yourself. These things helped through all the dances and it me want to dance even more. Without Steps I wouldn’t have been as hardworking as I am today

My favorite moment in the workshop was when we were in CCP. This made me get to know more scholars during our lunch breaks and it helped me open myself to other people which was the main reason why I love the workshop. Every year Steps accepts talented scholars who are so loving and kind which makes it hard for us not cry whenever it’s over. The best moment in the workshop is honestly getting to know everyone and opening myself to other people

Maja Concio


The biggest lesson I learned in the Steps Summer Dance Workshop would be acceptance of your capacities as a dancer. As a dancer, especially as ballet dancer, I had physical limitations that hindered my progress in the art. I had things going against me as a dancer. Steps’ summer workshop showed and taught me that these physical limitations should not stop or discourage me from dancing. Instead of dwelling on my weaknesses, I should just accept them and work on my strengths. My teachers taught me that with hard work anything is possible. I used what I had to become the best dancer that I can be.

As I finished my last summer workshop, I realized that my acceptance of who I am as a dancer made me into a better person. It made me love myself as a dancer as well as appreciate the dancers around me. Accepting yourself is hard but the summer workshop helped me accept myself one summer at a time.

Any special moments from this summer that you’ll remember most?

Well as cliche as it may sound, every moment of this workshop was special to me. I guess knowing that it is my last workshop as a student and scholar made me appreciate each moment. My time with my teachers, classmates and friends are moments I will never forget.

If there was a moment that is very special to me, it would be being awarded several awards from Steps. I never saw myself as a good dancer. I just saw myself as girl doing what she loves to do. Being awarded by your teachers is such an honor and privilege. That moment was never about the awards. For me, that moment was special because I felt like I accomplished my goal. I was able to become the best dancer that I can be and give back to my teachers. I made my teachers proud by becoming the dancer that they helped form. I became someone they can be proud of. I wouldn’t be who I am as a dancer without my teachers and those awards were not for me but for them. Thank you to my teachers who believed in me when I did not believe in myself!



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