Scholarly Advice: Marcelino Libao


Two weeks left to our summer workshop, and we are thrilled to have another new batch of scholars joining us in 2016! We asked our dear friend McCoy Libao – now a dancer with the Hamburg Ballet – to share his own learnings as a former Steps scholar, and here they are!

What were the main things you learned as a Steps scholar?

The biggest lesson I probably learned while being a scholar at Steps is that hard work will get you far. Yes, you would need to have talent to be good at your craft, but hard work will definitely make you feel you’ve accomplished something.

I always challenged myself to be better everyday, not against others but to myself. And I always felt every after class (and there were many I had to attend because every scholar has to do so) I always felt like I became a better dancer. So, being a professional ballet dancer now, I definitely still take this lesson day by day and I am forever grateful to Steps for educating me in that way.


What advice can you give future scholars?

Advice to the future generation of Steps scholars… Be true to yourself and to your craft. There will be good days, and bad days, but if you are true to dance, you will never have to “work.” Be as passionate as you can be, because at the end of the day, life is too short. Dance your heart out, and enjoy. We can only dance for such limited period of time.


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