Scholarly Advice: Sam Libao

Sam LibaoToday’s scholarly advice is c/o Sam Libao!

Sam is currently a Junior Member and Marketing Manager of the La Salle Dance Company – Street. They compete locally and internationally and hold concert tours around the country with the goal to promote advocacies and value formation through dance.

Can you give some helpful tips on how to have a successful audition?

1. Prepare physically and mentally. Warm up and stay focused!

2. Always stay in front. Don’t hide or else you won’t be noticed. 😊

3. Believe in yourself! Confidence starts from within.

What were the main things you learned as a Steps scholar?

All the lessons and experiences taught me how to be professional. You will definitely learn to be mature personally and artistically. Steps will never cease to give you opportunities that will help you grow and become a better dancer 😊

What advice can you give future scholars?

Cherish the moments you’ll have as a scholar and enjoy every step of the journey! Always remember to thank those people who help you along the way. 😊



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