Scholarly Advice: Pia & Pearl Dames


Today’s scholarly advice is from our favourite twins, Pia and Pearl Dames! Pia and Pearl were scholars at Steps from 2012-2015. During their time with Steps, they competed and won awards in the Asian Grand Prix, the Philippine Dance Cup and the World Ballet Competition in Orlando. They are now both company artists with Ballet Manila.

Here are their tips and advice for our new batch of scholars.

Can you give some advice or tips on how to have a good and successful audition for Steps Scholarships?

Pearl: Give all your best no matter what, keep focus, watch the teachers, memorize the combinations but still don’t forget to have fun and dance your heart out. Show everyone your talent and passion for dancing! 😊

Pia: It’s  normal to get nervous of course, but don’t let it ruin your dancing. Just think of it as a normal class and do your best 110%!

What were the highlights of being scholars at Steps? 

Pearl: Being excited to dance and learn not just ballet, but jazz, modern, contemporary and hiphop! You get to dance with amazing and talented dancers, amazing teachers who will really inspire you and will see the best in you and will trust you no matter what and amazing staff who will be there for you also.

Pia: Based on my experience, being a scholar at Steps was one of the best things that happened to me because you get to focus not just in ballet but also in modern and jazz too. You get to learn from the best teachers! And of course it gave me a lot of opportunities to compete internationally.

What were the biggest lessons learned from your scholarship experience?

Pearl: Hard work and discipline is very important as a scholar. Everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. Always trust yourself and go for it! (Laban lang! :)) Teachers are treasures! ❤ Humbly share your talent and share your passion to others and lastly, It’s always different when you dance with your heart 😊

Pia: Learn from your own mistakes and  listen to each corrections that are given by the teachers cause it will surely help once you go to other professional companies. 😊



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