5 Beautiful Gifts for the Budding & Stylish Ballerina



Do you know a young ballerina you’d like to give a special Christmas gift to? We have so many options available at the Steps Dance Shop! Read on to see some of my favorite gift suggestions for a budding and stylish ballerina.


Being a dancer is hard work! Dancers practice and train almost everyday, train intensely to improve their technique regularly and many times have to sit and wait for long periods of time in between classes and rigorous rehearsals. Dedicated dancers make their dance schools their second homes.


Because of this lifestyle, it is important to feel comfortable and have the right accessories to make you feel good and beautiful at all times! Now, dancers can really have fun and be totally stylish with great accessories and apparel (which we didn’t have so much of in our time!).

Here are some great gift suggestions for your budding ballerinas:



I LOVE dance booties! They are so comfortable and keep your feet warm at all times and especially in between classes and rehearsals. Check out all the great colors of booties we have at Steps. My personal favorite is PURPLE!!

2. Colorful leotards of great designs

I believe that a young ballerina should always look beautiful and should wear a leotard color that stands out. There are so many more options than just black for open classes, so if the school permits, choose a bright color that suits her and her skin tone.


3. Floral Ballet skirts

A pretty floral ballet skirt always compliments a beautiful colored leotard. A dancer can use it in class or in a rehearsal, and it always adds a beautiful feminine touch. The Steps dance shop has many pretty colors and floral designs to choose from.


4. A great ballet bag


All dancers need a good and functional ballet bag suited for their level. For young children, choose a small fun bag that fits their hair pins, hair brush and ballet shoes.


For an older more advanced dancer, choose a bag that fits more of their important accessories like hair pins, point shoes, ballet shoes, foot stretch, leg warmers and many other items that a ballerina always needs.

5. Fun colored leg warmers

Dancers must always keep their feet, ankles and calves warm during warm up and in between classes. This lessens the chance of injuries and helps keep a dancer’s feet supple.


Have fun with leg warmers which allow your ballerina to show off her own personal style! Choose solid fun colors or even stripes for a little more fun. Such a great gift for any dancer!

Finally, if you are still not quite sure of what to give, a gift certificate is always a good option!

IMG_1494 (1)


Good luck and have a great Christmas season!!!



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