5 Tips for a Successful Dance Audition

dance audition

Every year, Steps Dance Studio gives out full and partial scholarships to gifted female and male dance students to allow them to maximize their summer dance training experience. As the date for this year’s audition draws closer, it may be helpful to keep in mind these 5 tips for a successful dance audition:

1. Come early and prepared.
Sleep early the night before so you are full of energy and ready to go, and don’t forget to bring complete requirements!

For the Steps Scholarship Auditions, you will need:

  • A 2 x 2 photo with completely filled out application form
  • A photocopy of any valid ID
  • Proof of dance background or Certification/Recommendation from your dance mentors.

Classical Scholars must be 12 years of age and of at least Intermediate Foundation level in Ballet. Modern and Jazz contemporary scholars must be at least 12 years of age with high technical dance background.

2. First impressions count!
Always be well-groomed and dressed properly. Neat hair is a must! For ballet, girls must wear a clean bun. For men, make sure your hair is clean-cut — no funky haircuts or strange hair colors.

Do not wear cover-ups, as the judges will want to see your physique and lines. One tip for girls… if no color is specified for ballet leotard, wear a color that looks good on you. Most people wear black, so a solid colored leotard always stands out! Ladies should bring their pointe shoes if they are at pointe level.

Don’t forget to also bring dance clothes for Modern and Jazz class as well. Modern should be in bare feet. Girls, you can let your hair down into a CLEAN ponytail for Modern and Jazz.

3. Attitude and performance quality are very important.
A good attitude and performance quality are so important for a good audition. Be focused through all the classes. Listen and perform! Great technique with no expression can be very boring. Judges love motivated students who love to dance and who are brave!

4. Remember we are looking for POTENTIAL.
At Steps we look for students who have good physique and technical ability – but more than anything, we look for POTENTIAL. Remember, we are a school, so we are here to teach. We don’t expect perfect dancers to walk through the door, but we look for those who have potential that we can train. So don’t be afraid, just do your best!

We want all our students to enjoy the audition experience and learn from it. Auditions will always play a big part of the world of dance. Get used to it, and learn how to audition well from the time that you are young. Learn from each experience and this will take you a long way, I promise!

Good luck and God Bless! See you there!



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